I signed up to do the McGuire Mud Run on September 11th on the McGuire Air Force Base!  Reading about this race in the base paper last year is what actually inspired me to start thinking about running.  It looked like so much fun but also something I didnt’ think I’d ever be able to do.  When registration opened up again this year, I hesitated.  I started questioning my ability.  Then I SQUASHED those thoughts like a little annoying ant.  Screw that!  How would I know if I could do it or not if I didn’t at least try??  And what if we aren’t living here next year??  I would always regret not doing it.  So, I signed up for the brutal 10k that includes 17 Army style obstacles.  I also signed my husband up.  I needed someone for moral support and to help push me over all those obstacles!  Ha Ha!!!  It’s his first race…. I know.  Pretty evil and selfish of me.  Check it out at www.mcguiremudrun.org .