Well, I just got back from my vacation at Myrtle Beach.  I stuck to my running schedule and ran every mile I set out to do.  I even ran with a friend from Charleston one of those days.  My husband ran with me, too.  I really enjoyed getting to run with him and I’m proud of him for putting forth the effort.

The day after we got back, I ran 18 miles!!  It’s the most I’ve run to date and it was brutal! lol…  I would like to say it’s getting easier and I have loads of confidence for the marathon, but some days are a lot harder than others.  I hope it was just because I had travelled 13 hours in the car the day before and didn’t eat very much.  I felt fine the first 12 miles, but went downhill after that. 

BUT I completed what I set out to do, even if I felt like puking and fainting all at the same time.