On Saturday I met with the Pineland Striders running group for the first time to head out on a 16 mile run.  I was so nervous.  Not only was I meeting these people for the first time, I felt I had to prove my running ability by keeping up with them and going all the way.

We met at a local high school at 7am.  It was the perfect morning for a run.  A bit overcast and cool.  There were 5 of them and me.  Then to my happy surprise, my running partner, Maria, and Jennifer showed up!  We made our introductions and were on our way.  It was so awesome!  Everyone in the group was so nice and welcoming.  We all just kind of rotated while we ran and talked.  No one wore headphones, we all went the same pace, and I felt so strong to be able to be a part of that group.  There were 8 of us running, all for different reasons but with one common goal.

As we ran, there were certain points where you could turn in one direction to go 10 miles, or keep going.  Then turn to go 12 miles, or keep going.  Then turn to go 14 miles, or keep going.  I kept going!!!!!!!!!!!!  I completed my goal to run 16 miles.  I met so many wonderful people that day with so many great stories.  I hope to run with them a lot more as my training continues.