Well, I’m starting to taper down my runs in anticipation of the marathon coming up in two weeks.  About 3 weeks ago, I started feeling a deep pain in my left hip.  I ignored it for a few days, but then it slowly got to be so painful, I couldn’t even go upstairs without bringing tears to my eyes.  So, I consulted my running friends and had a lot of people suggest a certain doctor about an hour away.  He’s a chiropractor that practices ART, or Active Release Technique.  My insurance doesn’t cover it, but I figured he came highly recommended by the running community and I really needed to get back to running!  So, I saw Dr. Mike two times over the course of a week.  I’m slowly starting to feel better.  Its still sore, but I can walk up the stairs like a normal person.  But now my right ankle is hurting and is now swelling.  I’ve been icing it, right along with my hip, but its just not getting better.  I’m going to call the doctor in the morning.  I’ve been putting it off because I’m really worried I’m going to be told to stop running.  I’ve been so depressed not running as much or as well as I normally would.  I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it would be to be told to stop running altogether until I’m healed.  I NEED to run.

On another note, my husband came out with me this morning to run with the running group I go with on Sunday mornings.  I’ve been telling him how great they are, but he hasn’t been up to running those long distances.  The longest he’s ever run is 6 miles (which is nothing to shake a stick at!).  So he decided to maybe run 3 down and turn around and run 3 back and then wait on me to run my 14.  He was having so much fun, he didn’t realize he ran 5.5 miles at the first water stop!  So, he decided to just keep going.  He kept up with us, even passing me a few times!  I was SO PROUD of him!!!!  He has been on cloud 9 all day!  And he loved the running club.  They are a great and welcoming group.  And even better, we found something healthy that we can do together!!!!  Thats what excited me the most.  He was even talking about training for a marathon 🙂  Heck, he ran a half marathon today!