The apps here work only on the iPhone, except for iMapmyride/iMapmyrun, which also runs on BlackBerry models.

Gym Buddy

Price: $2.99

Best for: Tracking your workouts

The skinny: You can set up strength training workouts and then track weights, reps, sets, and more.  View your workout history as a calendar or graph, and email entries to your computer to create spreadsheets of your progress.

Health Cubby

Price: Free trial

Best for: Linking up with your workout buddies

The skinny: It’s a social networking app for those who don’t like to go it alone.  You can connect with others working toward similar goals, using accountability and competition to stay on track.

Hundred Pushups

Price: $2.99

Best for: Building muscles

The skinny: This app designs a six week training program to help you build strength to perform 100 in a row.  (Try Two Hundred Sit ups and Two Hundred Squats, too).


Price: $2.99

Best for: Measuring heart rate

The skinny:  Take your pulse and tap the screen to get your heart rate.  use it while you’re working out to see if you’re hitting target heart rates and also to calculate calories burned.


Price: Free ($4.99 for an ad free version)

Best for: Tracking rides and runs.

The skinny: It uses GPS on your phone to measure the distance, time, pace, and speed of bike rides and runs.  Sync to to create a training log and view maps of past routes and chart new ones.


Price: $9.99 (You can download two free full-body workouts)

Best for: Trying new workouts

The skinny: There are more than 200 exercise images and videos demonstrating step-by-step instructions on how to perform each move.


Price: 99 cents

Best for: Counting steps

The skinny: Your phone becomes a pedometer that calibrates to your natural gate and measures the distance, time, speed, steps, average pace, and calories burned for walks and runs.

Lose It

Price: Free

Best for: Creating a diet plan

The skinny: Using your height, weight, age, and gender, this app calculates your metabolic rate and sets up a daily calorie budget to help you lose 1/2 to 2 pounds a week.

Eight Glasses a Day

Price: 99 cents

Best for: Staying hydrated

The skinny: Tap the screen when you drink a glass of water and it will let you know when you hit that 8 glasses a day standard.