I really haven’t written on here in awhile.  I’m so sorry!  Life got in the way, I guess.  I’m still running and gearing up for the Charleston Marathon in January.  My long runs are getting more intense (18 to 20 this weekend) and it seems too soon!  I’m glad I have another goal to attain, but at times it can seem overwhelming.  I’m a little more relaxed with this training schedule.  I still run 5 to 6 days a week, but have been taking it slower and not as far.  Its been nice.  Recently on a trip to Myrtle Beach I learned something priceless.  I went on a 4 mile run my first day there on the streets, meanwhile thinking about the beautiful sandy beach just on the other side of the road.  I was too afraid to try running on the sand.  It might be hard.  Wah wah!  That run was such a struggle for me.  I remember thinking I really needed to find the joy in running again.  So the next day I headed out for a run on the beach.  I waited for low tide and ran on the hard sand.  It was one of the most wonderful runs I’ve ever had.  I finally found the joy again.  I even found a runner’s high for the first time ever.  Needless to say I ran on the beach the rest of the week!

I wanted to post some interesting facts I found in different magazines recently:

1.  The fountain of youth may be reached on foot.  Marathoners who were tested after completing a race in a recent study from the University of Rome had fewer dying white cells in their blood than beforehand, an indication that intense exercise slows the aging of body tissues.

What?!?  How awesome is that???  I can slow my aging??  Sweet!

I found a wine glass that has 3 rings to identify 4, 6, and 8 ounce portions.  www.wine-trax.com

I recently got a heart rate monitor with my Garmin and wore it a few times but didn’t know what to do with the data.  Now, I know!  Use this formula if you are a woman to find out your upper and lower limits in beats per minute to optimize weight loss:

206-(your age x 0.88); then multiply the answer by 0.65 to get the lower limit and 0.85 to get the upper limit.

My range is 114 to 149 (which is good news for me!  I was in that range on my runs!)