I’m sure most of you have heard that Weight Watchers has revamped their program and done a complete overhaul.  It’s the first one in 10 years!  I went to a meeting to see what all the fuss was about and so that I could understand what that meant for me.  Basically, WW has a new way of figuring points.  Instead of doing a calculation with calories, we now use protein, carbs, fiber, and fat.  The higher a food is in protein and fiber and lower in carbs and fat, the lower the points.  So, all fruit and most vegetables are 0 points and most breads and sweets have increased in points.  At first I was a bit frustrated, but after the meeting, I felt they did the right thing.  It is promoting better food choices.  Your 100 calorie apple won’t be the same points as the 100 calorie pack of cookies anymore.  And they’ve given everyone more daily and weekly points to make up for the increase of certain food points.

From now on I will try to include both the old and the new points if I can.  On some of my recipes, all I have is the old points value but no nutritional information.  So it will be impossible to supply you with the new points on those.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to add your two cents!