I went to the Don Pablos website recently and just randomly picked things off the menu that I would’ve typically eaten before and was shocked to see the points value!  Here are a few examples:

4 appetizer wings   23 points!

Fajita trio (does not include tortillas, cheese, etc)  17 points

Chicken burrito  28 points

3 skinny enchiladas  10 points

7 chips and 1 oz salsa  2 points

apple pie  32 points!

Here are some healthier alternatives:

1 cup tortilla soup  3 points

1 cup white chicken chilli  5 points

a side of black beans  1 point

a side of mexican rice  2 points

a side of veggies  2 points

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream  2 points

This just goes to show you that even though eating out can be a bit tricky, if you do your research before you go, you can make informative, healthier choices.