I love eating at Chick-fil-a!  They have so many great and tasty choices, but they also have a few bad selections.  So do your homework before you go so you can choose wisely.

grilled sandwich  6 pts  vs   fried chicken sandwich  9 pts

spicy chicken sandwich  11pts

12 piece nuggets  9 pts

grilled chicken wrap  8 pts  vs caesar wrap  10 pts

*grilled chicken and fruit salad  4 pts 

grilled chicken salad  3 pts

southwest grilled salad  5 pts

side salad  1 pt

fruit cup  1 pt

carrot salad (my husband was going to get this instead of fries to make a “healthy choice”)  9 pts!!!!   veggies aren’t always the healthy choice

french fries  10 pts

chicken noodle soup  4 pts

ice dream  4 pts (not too bad)

are you ready for these??  Are you sitting down?

cookies and cream milkshake  17pts

peach shake  19 pts

*all of the salad points are without any extras like dressing, sunflower seeds, croutons.  I usually opt for the low fat Italian for 1 pt per pack or the fat free honey mustard for 2 pts per pack and stay away from the other extras.

I also get the fruit cups for my kids instead of the fries.  Not only is this a good choice for them, but then I’m not tempted to eat their leftover fries!